Thursday, September 27, 2007

Australia part 1

For the next 2 months (until Thanksgiving) we'll be in Australia, more specifically travelling from Perth to Melbourne along the southern coast. The Indian Ocean is a nice turquoise color and there's various bizarre landforms on this coast as well. Western Australia is the same size as India but with 0.5% of the population. We already saw some of the locals hanging out in the bush.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NW trip chapter 2 part 1

We're already back from the trip but didn't have a lot of chances to update the blog so it'll be everything all at once. We continued up the coast through Oregon and Washington. We stopped to do a little quad riding and sandboarding on the Oregon Dunes. The entire coastline has one great view after another. The downside is every campground is booked Memorial day thru Labor day. So finding a campsite was tough. One night we stayed in a Walmart lot with about 2 dozen other RV's. The cops don't hassle you because they know there's no where else to go and it's better than parking in front of people's houses like Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation.

NW trip chapter 2 part 2

At the northern end of the coast route is Olympic National Park which includes rain forests, coastline and mountains with glaciers. Then we visited Betsy's friend in Seattle, donned our thick eyeglasses and visited the Science Fiction Hall of Fame + Experience Music Project.

NW trip chapter 2 part 3

Driving east across Washington we checked out Cascades National Park then hit the panhandle of Idaho and visited some of my friends who have a sweet timeshare on a lake. Spent a day just sitting on the beach and riding logs. Then headed to Glacier National Park for a few days, then down to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

In Grand Teton we saw some interesting wildlife including this caterpillar and Moose. On the way home we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Las Vegas. Next trip is still up in the air at this point since we need to start planning around Thanksgiving and Christmas.