Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SW USA 2007 part 0

Forgive the lengthy delay, friends. We've been travelling around the southwest US including Kansas and Texas.
To do that we bought a used truck and camper that on the surface appeared perfect for our needs. However, it
took us a better part of a month to deal with various mechanical issues before it was ready to go.

A good chunk of our time was spent visiting friends and family in 4 different states so we didn't have much left over
for leisurely sight seeing. In summary, we did a circle through Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico
then back through Arizona and California in time for my Dad's 70th birthday celebration. On the way out and
back we did stop at a few places to camp and hike.

These are those pictures.... [Law and Order double chime here]

SW USA 2007 part 1

1) Sunset Crater, Arizona
2) Wukoki ruins, Arizona
3) Monument Valley, Arizona
4) Mesa Verde, Arizona
5) Artsy sunbeam in a Mesa Verde kiva copyright 2007

SW USA 2007 part 2

6) Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado
7) Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
8) More sand dunes
9) Betsy's Aunt and Uncle's farm in Kansas
10) Collared Lizard, Kansas

SW USA part 3

11) Slot canyon in Tent Rocks, New Mexico.
12) The tent rocks
13) El Morro box canyon, New Mexico
14) Petrified Forest, Arizona