Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally Home

After 20 months and 48,260 miles it is time to rejoin the world.  Coincidentally we have a 1997 Ford F-250 and camper for sale.

Low miles.

Canyon de Chelly etc.

In a final attempt to culture ourselves more we visited Canyon de Chelly and drove though the Navajo Nation on our way home.  If in the area, make every attempt to sample the fry bread with honey on top no matter how run down the shack providing them may look.

My philosophy every day...

More culture

Furthering our cultural expansion, we visited Bandelier National Monument where the native americans lived like the sand people from Star Wars.  Some weather entered the area and we caught one of the first snows of the year.  Some interesting cloud formations resulted...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dose of Culture

Stopped by Chaco Canyon for a bit of ancient culture and some artsy photos. We didn't learn much since no one really knows why the American Indians largely as a group abandoned their homes in AD 1300. Forclosures due to ancient predatory lending, shifty loan packaging and fraudulent high grade bond ratings by insurers perhaps?

Random miscellany

On the way out of Moab we visited the Fisher Towers made famous by many Westerns and Wile E. Coyote then travelled through a big storm rolling through the area. In Colorado the leaves are starting to turn as it gets below freezing at night.

Moab area

After Lake Powell we drove up to Moab to partake in its various activities. Mountain biking, hiking and rafting primarily. On one particularly difficult trail, one vehicle in a group of 4x4's got a little too off-center on a steep sideways slope and rolled over a few times. If it hadn't been for a couple large boulders in the way, the truck would have rolled over the nearby 500ft cliff. Fortunately the 2 people inside had only minor injuries. Another truck had an axle realignment job on a section called "The Wedge". On a lighter note, we enjoyed the world famous Slickrock trail and other precarious goat trails on our bargain mountain bikes obtained from Craigslist.